Aside from the nightlife and beautiful beaches, Goa prides itself on its delicious cuisine and food culture. Because the state has been under the rule of Hindus, Muslims, and colonized by the Portuguese, they adapted different kinds of cooking techniques and recipes that make up the unique and remarkable cuisine we know today. 

Some food experts also believe that Goa’s food heritage is the ‘perfect blend of East and West’. If you’re good at flavours and tastes, you can easily identify touches of Portuguese, Brazilian, African, French, Konkan, Malabar, Malaysian, and Chinese flavours in Goan dishes. 

Here at Rai Resort, we invite you to taste our delicious and authentic Goan dishes that you will enjoy during your stay. So, if you’re excited to treat yourself to appetising meals, here’s our menu just for you!


Cooked in meat or sometimes fish, the vindalho is cooked with generous helpings of vinegar and garlic that seeps right into your taste buds. With intense flavours topped with spices and herbs, this dish is best paired rice or eaten or on its own. 

Shark Ambot Tik 

Cooked in heavy Kashmiri spices, the Ambot Tik is one of the most popular Goan dishes you shouldn’t miss out on. Aside from spice, kokum is also used to give this dish the sour undercurrent that creates an interesting contrast of flavours with the spices. 

To add more texture, the shark is diced and cooked in onions, tomatoes, and masala. 

Chicken Xacuti 

If you want to experience Goan flavours, the chicken xacuti is your perfect choice. Cooked in poppy seeds and red chillies that will give the chicken a burst of flavour. You will enjoy this more because you can have soft potatoes, caramelized onions, coconuts, and chillies that will give an intense flavour that you won’t forget. 


In Kankani, the word ‘soro’ means alcohol. The sorpotel is Goan delicacy made of pork, beef, or mutton liver cooked in liquor to tenderize the meat. To add more flavour, the meat is parboiled then the fat is fried. 

Once the meat and fat are cooked, they will then be mixed with onions, garlic, and masala. This dish can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 


The Feijoada is a stew made of red beans and pork. When the Portuguese colonized Goa, it was one of the dishes adapted into the local cuisine. Cooked with salted pork, masala, and red beans, this dish will give you a rich flavour and texture that you will enjoy. 

Moreover, if you want a thicker consistency, you can add a cup of coconut milk. This is best served with rice or pois. 

Chicken cafreal 

The chicken cafreal is a dish that boasts a green hue due to the heavy amount of spices it contains. Once the masala is cooked, the chicken is seared in high heat then mixed into the paste.