Rai Resort: Discover Goa cuisine by tasting these dishes

No matter how well-travelled of a foodie you are, there will always be a hidden gem that is waiting for you to be discovered. In this case, Goa cuisine is ready for you to unearth from its country of origin, India.

Goa cuisine – its origins

Goa cuisine is a sub-genre of the Indian cuisine umbrella. This variation of cooking comes from Goa, an Indian state found along the coastlines of the country. In addition, the state of Goa is famous for its sparkling beaches that tourists would flock over. 

In terms of flavour, Goa cuisine has a spicy taste, but with a Portuguese twist. Rice, seafood, coconut milk and local spices are the main ingredients used in this cuisine. To give you more background, here are the famous dishes found in the state of Goa:

Goan Kingfish Curry

One of the dishes that define Goa cuisine is their very own Goan Kingfish Curry. Its main meat is chops of Kingfish or Seer fish, and it is mixed with coconut milk to produce a thick saucy texture. In the curry spectrum, this dish lies on the spicy side due to the use of garam masala, turmeric and Kashmiri Chillies. If you are looking for a spicy challenge, this dish is a must-try.

Crab Xacuti

Another curry dish famous in the state of Goa is the Crab Xacuti. Xacuti means garam masala based curry, which means that this dish packs a spicy flavour. From its name, the meat used for this dish is crabs with its legs used as decoration. Other than that, chefs prefer to fry the vegetables and spices individually so that each retains its flavour. Aside from crab, the main ingredients for this dish are cinnamon, cloves, onions and chillies, which are responsible for the spiciness it has.

Shark Ambot Tik

If you want to challenge your tastebuds, Shark Ambot Tik will give you two flavours in one: sweet and spicy. Its main ingredients are baby shark meat, garam masala paste and tomato sauce. The last two ingredients are what gives the stark difference between its sweet and spicy flavours. 

In addition, this dish is good for health since shark meat is a good source of omega 3 acids. Also, the Shark Ambot Tik is suitable for all ages because the bone count of sharks is less than that of a normal fish. 


The Goan Bebinca has seven layers of sweetness, and it is usually served during the state’s festivities. This dish is hard to make because you need to balance the layers properly and evenly. That is why Goan natives have high regard for this dish. Despite its difficulty, the Bebinca requires the same dessert ingredients as others: flour, egg yolks, sugar, coconut milk and nutmeg.

Truly, Goa cuisine offers another side to Indian culture. The flavours in this cuisine make tourists return to the island again and again. All these dishes and more can be found on our menu at Rai Resort. Aside from good food, we also provide scenic accommodation for you to enjoy.

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