Indulge in Goa’s mixed cuisine at Rai Resort

The Goa state is not just famous for its Portuguese history but also the bright string of yellow sand beaches all around the state.

Watch while the Arabian coast comes alive with trance parties in boutique beach shacks as you indulge in the delightful mix of cuisines at Rai Resorts during your beach break.

Pork vindaloo

This dish comes from the Portuguese words for garlic or alho and wine or vinho that are mixed in a marinade.  This spicy Goan curry comes from a Portuguese sailor’s dish made with pork, garlic and wine. Goan cooks changed palm vinegar for red wine and added chilli peppers and spices.

Crab xec xec

It’s the ultimate dish for crab lovers and is served with rice or bread. This thick roasted curry is made with grated coconut and strong spices such as cloves and tamarind.

Prawn balchão

Served with rice or spread on toast, this is a very spicy prawn pickle that is made of strong tomato and chilli sauce with sweetened onions and coconut toddy vinegar.


Sanna is a spongy steamed rice cake that is also known as idli in India. The plain version is often eaten with Goan pork sorpotel curry and a sweet version called godachi sanna is made with jaggery which is raw sugar made from cane or palm.

Goan red rice

Also called ukda rice and is popular in gourmet circles in India. It is not polished and thick-grained rice with a reddish-brown colour and nutty flavour. It has a firm texture that makes it excellent for soaking up coconut curries.

Chouris pão 

A tasty Goan sausage bread that is made with Portuguese chouriço which is a spiced pork sausage.


Of all the bread in Goa that is inspired by its Portuguese past, poee or poi is probably the most famous. The first Goan pão or bread was made using local toddy as a source of natural yeast, giving it an original character. 

Today, most bakers make it using commercial yeast which yields the same fluffy interior and is perfect for mopping up curries.


Known as vison or visvan, kingfish is a delicacy in Goa. A popular preparation is kingfish rawa fry which are fillets that are lightly coated in semolina and fried to form a crispy exterior and succulent interior. It’s also used in surmai or kingfish curry which contains grated coconut.


Cashew feni is a spirit produced exclusively in Goa that is made from the first extract of the cashew. This is a heritage from the Portuguese that first brought cashews to the Indian peninsula. Coconut feni, distilled from fermented toddy from the coconut palm, is more popular in South Goa.


This is a coconut cake that is truly unique to Goa. It has several layers and although it requires few ingredients, the dish takes a lot of hours and effort to make. Legend has it that the sweet was invented by Bibiona, a nun at the Convent of Santa Monica in Old Goa.

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