Rai Resort: 9 benefits of Indian head massage

An Indian head massage is not just a special treat at the spa, it is also a source of many health benefits. Take a look at its nine benefits below and treat yourself to an Indian head massage at Rai Resort today!

  1. Helps relieve migraines

Tensions in the back, head and neck can often lead to a headache or migraine. When you have an Indian head massage, the muscle tension will be reduced by applying pressure to the back, arms and shoulders. Massage around the head and neck also improves the flow of the cerebral fluid, thus preventing blockages that may cause your headache.

  1. Refreshes tired eyes

An Indian head massage is one way to ease eye strain caused by spending too much time looking at screens. Massages around the eyes and temples can loosen the muscles around your eye sockets which will help your eyes feel refreshed.

  1. Promotes hair growth

An Indian head massage stimulates hair growth by massaging the scalp and head. Massages around the head will open up the blood vessels and help in the absorption of oxygen and nutrients. Better flow of oxygen and nutrients in the scalp can help the hair follicles to grow faster, thus making your hair healthier.

  1. Promotes healthy scalp

Different types of oils are used in an Indian head massage that could help your skin become healthier and fresher. The best oils to use are lemon oil, tea tree oil and olive oil which can work to cure a dry or itchy scalp and fight dandruff.

  1. Relieves insomnia and fatigue

By relieving the stress and tension within the body, an Indian head massage allows a deep sense of relaxation, which in turn affects your sleep cycle positively.

  1. Detoxifies your body

An Indian head massage can improve your blood flow with certain massage techniques applied to the neck or lymph nodes. This will help your body detoxify by removing waste products, bacteria and dead cells out of your body. 

  1. Relieves symptoms of anxiety

An Indian head massage helps in the supply of oxygen to the brain, which is one of the best ways to lift your mood, thus reducing anxiety. 

  1. Boosts memory

You will often have short term memory loss when your brain is too loaded with thoughts, ideas and feelings. This will make it hard for you to collect and organize data, which will hinder your memory efficiency.

An Indian head massage lets your sensual awareness take over as if someone is pressing a reset button on your cluttered mind.

  1. Renews energy

An Indian head massage focuses on three specific chakras: the Chakras of the Throat, the Chakras of the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra. Working on these chakras has a great effect in bringing the energy of your body back into balance.

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