Located in Ashvem beach in Goa, Rai Resort is one of the most popular resorts and resto-bar where tourists and locals visit to release stress. 

Due to our resort’s strategic location near the ocean, you can get a spectacular view of the sea and the nature surrounding it. Moreover, we offer top-notch services that you will enjoy during your stay. If you’re interested to book your getaway, here are some of the accommodation options you can book! 

Standard cottage 

Price: 1,000 rs per night 

Our standard cottage in Rai Resort is a 30 sqm room that features basic amenities such as cabinets, chairs, air conditioning, a single bed, and a bathroom. If you’re looking for a regular-sized room for your stay, this room is perfect to accommodate at least up to 3 pax. 

The room has big windows and ornate architecture designs that adds a more exciting atmosphere during your stay. Booking this room entitles you to a breakfast buffet, masala tea upon request, and the amenities of the establishment. 

Moreover, the room has linens, pillows, and towels. The bathroom has a hot and cold shower so you can adjust the water temperature depending on your preference. Please note that if you need an extra bed for an additional guest, you need to add 300 rs. 

Double room cottage 

Price: 2,500 rs per night 

If you’re travelling with a large number of people, Rai Resort has a Double room cottage which can accommodate up to 6 to 7 people. This room is at 50 sqm with a door that connects to the other. There are 2 double beds for each space and extra space for an additional bed upon request. Each bed has a foam headboard for extra comfort. 

Moreover, the double room is furnished with cabinets, tables, utensils, drawers, and air conditioning. There’s a spacious bathroom with a cold and hot shower so you can easily adjust the water temperature. 

If you don’t feel like hanging out by the beach, there’s television and wifi in the room that you can use to kill time. The charm of this cottage is that it faces the ocean, so you can have a good view of the sea at sunset or nighttime. There are tables and chairs in the veranda where you can dine or chat with friends. 

Booking the double room cottage entitles you to a breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet. It also allows you to access the resort amenities such as the pool, lounge, and sports bar area. 

Twin cottage room 

Price: 4,500 rs per night 

If you are travelling with an even group of people, the twin cottage room we offer will accommodate your needs. This accommodation is made of two cottages connected through a hallway. Each cottage is equipped with amenities such as cabinets, drawers, a heater, and 3 beds each. 

Moreover, the bathroom is spacious and features a small bathtub and comes with toiletries that you can replenish when you call housekeeping. The room also has a television area where you can enjoy your free time if you do not want to hang by the beach. 

The twin cottage room is located near the shore so you can easily access the ocean waves if you want to. Additionally, there’s a small area where there are tables, chairs, and a swing where you can hang out with friends and family. 

Booking the twin cottage room entitles you to a breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet. You can also get complimentary drinks in the sports bar area if you show your coupon. You can also access the facilities such as the gym, pool, and lounge area. 

Queen cottage room 

Price: 4,500 rs per night 

If you are celebrating an anniversary, the Queen cottage room we offer is your best option. The queen cottage is a 30 sqm room that features a luxurious complete with linens and fluffy pillow. The headboard is cushioned to make your stay more comfortable. Moreover, you have a mini-fridge with wine, finger foods, and bottled water for convenience.

The Queen cottage room is furnished with amenities such as chairs, tables, cabinets, a heater, and a hamper where you can dry your clothes. You can also access plates and basic utensils for dining. Moreover, the bathroom is equipped with a shower that you can adjust to hot and cold, depending on your preference. 

Booking the Queen cottage room entitles you to a breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. Complimentary drinks from the sports bar lounge is also included when you book this room. Furthermore, you can also gain access to basic amenities such as gym, pool, and the lounge bar area. 

Deluxe cottage room 

Price: 5,000 rs per night (discounts may apply)

Our deluxe cottage room in Rai Resort is our best accommodation. With a size of 40 sqm, this room is perfect for 2-3 persons. The room is furnished with a luxurious bed made of a high-quality mattress, pillows and linen for your comfort. 

It also has a floor to ceiling window that will give you a beautiful view of the ocean. Aside from the picturesque ocean view, you also get a spacious veranda with chairs and tables for dining and hanging out. 

The room has a refrigerator, tables, drawers, cabinets, a television unit and an air condition that will keep you warm on humid days. In the bathroom, you can enjoy a small jacuzzi, a hot and cold shower, and a marble counter with complimentary toiletries. You can ask housekeeping to replenish this if needed. 

Booking the deluxe cottage entitles you to a breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. You will also receive complimentary drinks from the resto-bar. 

Rai Resort: Different amenities and services we offer

Free Wifi 

Rai Resort is fully equipped with centralized wifi routers so that our guests can enjoy unlimited connectivity 24/7. You can enjoy our wifi connection in your room, in the lounge, or even in the pool vicinity if you wish. Just ask for our staff to access the password and wifi name. There is no limit to the number of devices you can connect to. 


Rai Resort has a concierge service that will accommodate you anytime. Because our staff are trained, they will assist you in everything you need from parking your vehicle to arrange dinners and tours for you. All you need to do is give them a call and they will respond to your needs right away. 

Daily housekeeping 

We prioritize cleanliness above anything else. Here at Rai Resort, we have the best housekeeping staff that will maintain your rooms and the resort facilities clean and sanitized at all times. 

Every morning, our housekeeping makes sure that the area and rooms are well-maintained by doing routine maintenance. If you need their assistance with anything, just press the button on the hallway and your needs will be accommodated. 


We have a bar in the resort vicinity where you can catch live band performances every night. Moreover, we also have other performances in the hotel that will keep you entertained during your stay. 

Kids’ club 

Here at Rai Resort, we know that it can be hard to enjoy a vacation when you need to be on the lookout for your kids. Here at Rai Resort, we have a place where your little ones can enjoy their own thing. 

We have a child-friendly facility, toys, and interactive games that will keep them entertained as you enjoy your vacation. Moreover, the kids’ club is watched over by our staff who are well-versed in taking care of children, so you don’t have to worry about anything. 


Rai Resort takes pride in our restaurant staff that will give you satisfaction with their unique and authentic South Indian dishes. If you’re looking for delicious meals, you don’t have to look far because we offer delicacies that we can deliver right at your doorstep!

Sports bar 

Sports fans out there will enjoy our sports bar. We offer a big television where you can watch the latest games or replay matches of your favourite sport. We have cricket, football, and tennis just for you. Moreover, there is a bar area where you can enjoy drinks and snacks. 


If you want to read a book or simply do nothing, we have a lounge area facing the ocean. You can relax, drink beverages, and talk with your friends. Moreover, the beautiful view of the ocean will relax you. 

Pool area

We have a pool area that can accommodate children and adults. There are at least 3 pools that guests can use for their vacation. Each pool has slides and jumping boards to add more excitement and thrill. If you want to reserve the pool for an event, all you need to do is submit a form to our concierge.