Who we are

Enveloped by the pristine Ashvem beach, Rai Resort offers a world of unmatched opulence to rejuvenate yourself. Each cottage has its own look and will suit different needs in order to account for each and every guest. The cottages have been designed to delight the eyes, but also to be a place to kick back and relax in a cosy atmosphere. Our restaurant offers quite a delighful range of Goan delicacies among other dishes. So come, let’s find a serene way to stay and a sojourn to happiness.

Everything you need to know about Rai Resort 

Located in the majestic Ashvem beach, Rai Resort is one of the most popular resorts that locals and tourists flock every summer. With pristine surroundings, delicious cuisine, and high quality facilities, our resort is the place to be if you want to rejuvenate yourself and take a break from your stress at work. Moreover, all your needs will be attended to by our highly-trained staff and management. 

Rai Resort was established in 2009 as a small resort and bar. Eventually, the business grew because travellers noticed its simplicity and the top-notch service of our staff. After a few years, the owner of the resort expanded it and added more rooms to accommodate more guests. Now, the resort has a bar, gym, pool area, and luxurious cottages furnished with high-quality furniture. 

Rai Resort facilities

Rai Resort is equipped with facilities that will make your stay more comfortable and worthwhile. Here are some of them: 


Nights can be cold, especially because the resort is near the ocean. To make sure that our guests are comfortable and won’t be bothered by the cold, we have a huge fireplace in the lounge where guests can hang out and warm themselves. Moreover, there’s a tea station nearby, so customers can enjoy a nice time sipping tea while hanging by the fireplace. 

Taxi shed 

If you are commuting, you can easily access transportation because we have a taxi shed where several taxis are lined up near the resort. You can ask our concierge to hail you a ride if you need to go somewhere. Moreover, these taxis can show you around the area without charging an expensive fare ride. 


If you want to stay fit while you’re on vacation, we have a gym facility you can use during your stay. We have weights, dumbbells, and stationary bikes that are sanitized on a regular basis. Moreover, our gym has a vending machine where you can get energy drinks, water, and juice after your exercise.


Our cottages serve as the main accommodation for guests. Each cottage is designed and equipped depending on their room type. Made from nipa huts and bamboo, our accommodations are spacious, airy, and will give you a refreshing experience throughout your stay. Moreover, our cottages are facing the ocean, so you will have a good view of the resort when you wake up. 


Our lounge in Rai Resort is a spacious area where you can chill, read, or simply relax. This area is furnished with chairs, sofas and bean bags so you can comfortably do your thing. Moreover, the lounge faces the ocean, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the ocean. 


We have a bar in Rai Resort where you can enjoy drinks and beverages prepared by our talented bartenders. We offer a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, and shakes.